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Parent Resource Center

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Parent Resource Center

The Sumter County Middle School Parent Resource Center is located in the front conference room of the school lobby.  It is open and available Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and other times as needed.

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Revised October 16, 2014


Sumter County Middle School will work to ensure that the required school-level Parent Involvement Policy guidelines are in accordance with the Title I, Part A programs section 1118 (b) and the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) section 1118 (d). Sumter County Middle School will distribute and make this Parent Involvement Policy readily available to the parents of participating children in the Title I program, and will involve parents in the joint development of the plan and the periodic update of the policy.

Sumter County Middle School is committed to the goal of providing a quality education for every child. We hope to establish long term partnerships with parents and with the community. Everyone gains if school and home work together to promote high academic achievement and life-long learning. Parents play an extremely important role in their child’s school success and communication between home and school is critical.

A. Annual Title I parent meetings will be held at Sumter County Middle School in the fall of each school year. Parents will be given information about the Annual Report, which describes the School Improvement Plan goal statements, and the progress made by our students on  state assessments. Parent input will be taken into account when making all Title I decisions.

B. Sumter County Middle School will  seek input from parents in a variety of ways: a). Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in September and February, in addition to any conferences scheduled due to parent or teacher request. c). Parent  Surveys will be made available to determine satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the  academic program, the school climate, leadership, the School Improvement Plan, and other important key issues involving parent-teacher partnerships including homework, and communication between home and school.

C. In order to encourage parent attendance at meetings and events, Sumter County Middle School will offer flexible schedules and will be held at various times to accommodate parent schedules. A language translator will be available upon request for parent meetings as needed in order to address English Language Learner communication support.

D. Through parent surveys and evaluations parents and teachers will work together  annually to develop and revise our Parent Involvement Policy, our Parent-School Compact, and School-Wide/Improvement Plans. The parent survey will also provide feedback on the effectiveness of our programs. Program evaluations will follow Title I school events to determine the effectiveness of programs and, if necessary, the Parent Policy will be modified to include more effective strategies for continued school improvement.

E. Parents will be provided with timely information in the following ways: a). Individual teacher communication with parents through informal conversations, phone calls, notes, e-mail, parent-teacher conferences, and report cards. b). Schedules and school calendars, newsletters, showcases, marquee, bulletin boards, school ,  and district websites, information stations in main office and hallway, and the Sumter County Middle School Student Handbook . c). Automated Telephone Communication System.

F. The Annual Report will inform parents of the academic assessments that are used to measure student progress. Parents will receive copies of student’s assessment results with the levels of proficiency defined in parent friendly language.

G. Parents are given opportunities for decision-making related to the education of their children, as described in section 1118, paragraph B.

H. Communication is a priority for Sumter County Middle School. Monthly school newsletters and will include strategies from teachers for working with students at home.

I. Sumter County Middle School has a Parent Compact developed and signed by staff, parents.  The compact will be used annually at Parent-Teacher Conferences. The Compact is reviewed yearly and revised as needed to address concerns and suggestions by parents, students, and staff.

J. We will educate teachers to show that there are many ways in which parents can become involved with their child’s education: Sumter County Middle School values both at-home contributions and those that take place at school and in the community. Sumter County Middle School encourages parental involvement in our school by asking for volunteers in the building and classrooms. We ask parents to become active members of the school Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), participating in the annual Open House/Curriculum Night, Activity Times, Student Assemblies, Field Day, sporting events,  musical performances and other special events. Family participation helps to build a strong, rich partnership with parents, students and staff.